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Bluewater Inn logo, waves with a whale tail and birds flying
Bluewater Inn


Located in the beautiful town of Triton, we have 3 locations to offer - Bluewater Inn at 12 Main Street (located in the lower level of the house), Parkers Bluewater Inn at 92 Main Street, and how a true Newfie describes things in our town,  "The Pink House" at 386 Main Street. So while you are visiting our wonderful province, why not make a trip up Route 380 and come stay with us at your home away from home!



At age 64, there is no stopping Wanda - she started the Inns 15 years ago and hasn't slowed down since. Wanda strives to provide excellent service to all her guests, and loves every minute of it, making her guests feel comfortable and at home. Even though Wanda has been involved in business since 1988, she still takes time to enjoy life to the fullest, so whether you are new to the area or a returning guest, Wanda looks forward to making your trip to scenic Green Bay a very memorable one.




92 Main Street

Parker's Bluewater Inn

Located near the water's edge, Parker's Bluewater Inn has 8 rooms with various features. Why not check out our luxury suite with a private deck and harbor view.

pink house.jpg

386 Main Street

The Pink House

Located directly across from the water, The Pink House is fully equipped and available nightly or weekly all year long. It is just steps from the ocean and boasts a great harbor view!



Walking Trails


The Green Bay South area boasts a number of walking trails with breathtaking views.

Boat Tours

Badger Bay Boats tours is a great way to spend the day looking for sealife or even an iceberg or two.

Whale Pavillion


Located in Triton, the Sperm Whale Pavillion is a great way to learn more about these magnificent creatures.

Heritage Houses


Located in Robert's Arm and Pilley's Island, be sure to stop in and learn more about our beautiful area.

Arena/Outdoor Swimming Pool


These seasonal activities are a great way to spend a day enjoying some physical activity.

Local Businesses

Green Bay South is home to numerous local businesses who all have something unique to offer.



Our morning coffee on your deck has been one of the biggest highlights of our time in Newfoundland. So relaxing! Like you, Wanda, your place is so warm
and inviting. We will be sure to spread the word about your gorgeous accommodations to anyone we know coming this way.

- Irwin, ON

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